There's steak, and then there's Cattleman's steaks.

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In 1986, my Dad, Myril Arch decided to try his hand at running a steakhouse. The menu started out simple. It has evolved over time, adding more cuts of meat and different sides. The recipes were his own creation from his love of cooking. He always said the key to a great steak is the beef. As a beef producer himself, he knew it all comes down to how the beef is fed, aged, cut and prepared. We age and cut all our steaks in house. We grind the trim from the steaks and hand patty our burgers and ground sirloins daily. The seasoning we use, has become legendary. I took over the business from my dad in 1994. I’ve had the privilege of working with my sons, Austin & Dalton, who will be the next generation to carry on the family tradition that my dad started. Our goal is provide you with an awesome experience from the minute you walk through our door. We hope to see you soon!
Cindy Arch

Our mission is to grill perfect steaks. Here at Cattleman’s Club, we serve you right. Our top quality ingredients and dedication to perfection has kept our customers leaving happy and coming back quickly for decades. We are proud of our food and thankful for our loyal fans.